The Book of Gun Trivia


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From muskets to the Winchester ’76, Mauser, Colt M1911, Thompson submachine gun, MG42, Browning .50 machine gun, M1 Garand, M16, AK47, FNFAL, and Galil rifles, The Little Book of Gun Trivia brings together fascinating facts and little-known details of some of the world’s key firearms.

Offering a step by step guide through interesting gun facts and statistics, Gordon Rottman presents The Little Book of Gun Trivia. Covering a range of subjects, such as weapons designations, where rifles get their names from, the longest serving rifles and everything in between, this book brings together everything you ever needed to know about weapons. Alongside the key facts and figures, Gordon Rottman also breaks apart popular myths and misconceptions about both weapons and ammunition, putting his years of military service to good use.