Napoleon’s Battles Miniature Rules


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Napoleons Battles is that rare balance of completeness, easy playability and grand tactics on a majestic scale. Players deploy Corps and direct the activities of Divisions and Brigades. Play is quick, usually taking one hour to complete an hour of game time. And best of all, your playing time is paid off in truly epic fun.

Napoleon’s Battles is fun, immensely playable and maybe the best Napoleonic miniatures game ever created.
At one figure per 120 men, the scale is set to “Grand Tactical”, so that both the largest and smallest battles are well represented.
Backed by years of research by Robert Coggins and Craig Taylor, Napoleon’s Battles, third edition is that rare blend of realism and playability. The largest scenarios can be completed in an evening.

The game includes:

• 100 page Rules Book
• 56 page Reference Book
• Identify your units with labels printed from the game resource CD.
• A new format and larger type for the 12 Scenario Cards and 9 Quick Reference Guides
• Mark your units supply status, movement, and morale with well over 150 status cubes