• Alone: A Raven Guard Audio Drama

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0ASeparated from his brothers aboard a seemingly abandoned pilgrim ship, Raven Guard Librarian Ithkos Jevel picks his way through the dark and sinister corridors of the vessel. But with daemonic voices echoing from the shadows te voices of long-dead Raven Guard and the very structure of the ship turning against him, can Jevel survive to rejoin his battle-brothers and discover the fate of the humans who called this ship home?

  • Angels Of Darkness

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0ADark Angels Interrogator-Chaplain Boreas and his men protect the recruiting world of Piscina V, watching over those who will be the next generation of Dark Angels. But when the Chapter greatest secret the existence of the Flen, warriors who turned against their brothers ten thousand years before comes to light, Boreas own past interrogating one of these traitors comes back to haunt him, with tragic consequences.

  • AoS: The Bridge Of Seven Sorrows

    Legend tells of the City of the Damned – a dark and forbidding place destroyed in a previous age by the wrath of Sigmar. Long have its fallen towers remained undisturbed by the people of Ostermark, but now an ancient evil stirs in the depths, gathering its strength once more. Gotrek and Felix are swept up in the crusade of Baron G z von Kuber to cleanse the city, and as the ruins are torn from the passage of time itself, the Slayer’s doom appears to be approaching more quickly than either of tem would like.

  • Bastion Wars Omnibus

    Malus Darkblade confronts the daemon who stole his soul. x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AOne of the Black Library*s most infamous fantasy heroes returns in the fifth and final book of this popular series. x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AOvercoming unimaginable danger and impossible odds, Mal

  • Ciaphus Cain: The Devil You Know Audio Book

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0AAs the Tyrannic Wars sweep across the face of the Eastern Fringe, Cain and Jurgen find themselves on the jungle moon of a gas giant, fighting off a splinter fleet. The world is uninhabited, but must be protected to prevent the tyranid advance threatening several nearby systems. The situation goes from bad to worse when Cain and the Catachans run into a force of insidious xenos, and the two factions are thrown into a temporary alliance purely to survive. Can Cain defeat the tyranids and survive the deadly intentions of their dark allies? Only time can tell!

  • Courage & Honour

    Ulrika, recently turned as a vampire, attempts to adjust to her new way of life. But when a fellow vampire is killed in Nuln, Ulrika and her mentor, Gabriella, are sent to investigate. Soon they find themselves facing danger from all sides as they attempt to solve a mystery that threatens the very existence of the Lahmian bloodline. How can they hope to destroy something with the power to kill a vampire?

  • Curse Of The Necrarch

    Feared and reviled, the reclusive necrarch vampires lurk in their lairs, engrossed in mad experiments and dreams of depraved glory. When one of these foul creatures invades an Empire town and slaughters its inhabitants, its knight protec

  • Darkblade: The Daemon’s Curse

    A Tale of Malus Darkblade, Dark Elf Champion x0Dx0AWarrior. Betrayer. Monster. Even among the treacherous dark elves, Malus Darkblade stands out as a study in utter ruthlessness. When he steals a mapthat leads to a secret power hidden deep w

  • Day of the Daemon

    In the dark and gothic Old World, the Realm of Chaos encroaches on physical reality; a terrifying alternate dimension of gods and daemons. Although these monstrous creatures can only exist in the real world for a short amount of time, th

  • Defenders Of Ulthuan

    A High Elf Novel For The Warhammer Fantasy Universe

  • Faith & Fire

    In the grim nightmare future of the 41st millennium, the Sisters of Battle stand between humanity and damnation. From the elite Seraphim warriors to the berserk Sisters Repentia, they are the strong arm of the Ecclesiarchy, bringing the Emperor jutice to the enemies of mankind. x0Dx0AWhen dangerous psychic heretic Torris Vaun escapes from her custody, Seraphim Miriya is disgraced in the eyes of her fellow sisters and superiors. Following Vaun trail to the planet Neva, Miriya takes her sisters n pursuit and, along with Hospitaller Sister Verity, starts her investigations.