• Clash of Empires

    Clash of Empires is the tabletop wargaming rules for battles from deepest antiquity to the Medieval era using armies of model soldiers. Game Rules Complete rules on how to play including clear diagrams and tactical tips; rules cover the organisatio of units, movement, manoeuvre, orders, shooting, hand-to-hand combat and morale. Advanced Rules The advanced rules cover different weapon types, skirmishers, chariots, elephants and artillery. Unit special rules detail different formations and fighting styles used by soldiers throughout history. The Generals and commanders section shows how these characters influence the battle andaffect the morale and discipline of their troops.

  • The Rise And Fall Of Persia

    This book provides army lists for Clash of Empiresx0Dx0Acovering the period from the earliest days of thex0Dx0AAchaemenid Persian Empire under Cyrus the Greatx0Dx0Athrough to the Empire eventual demise before thex0Dx0Aforces of Alexander the Great, including all f thex0Dx0Aturbulence between. It provides the opportunity to fight battlesx0Dx0Aof the ages such as Chaeronea, Granicus, Issus, Gaugamela,x0Dx0AHydaspes and Tunis to name only a few of the multitudex0Dx0Aavailable, whilst taking on the mantle of generals,x0Dx0Atyrants, despots, kings and emperors .

  • War & Conquest

    Epic Battles In The Ancient & Medieval World!