• Baby’s First Mythos

    Spawned from the mind of horror king and Origins award winner, C.J. Henderson,x0Dx0A(“The Things That Are Not There,” “Tales of Inspector Legrasse”) this book is a fun-filled must for every Lovecraftian everywhere. Lavishly illustrated with dozens of all

  • Middle Kingdom

    As knowledge of JumpDrive spreads, an ancient race stirs, whilex0Dx0Aanother fl ees a world doomed by a dying sun. Th e Imperiumx0Dx0Agrows in strength, provoking further resistance and the hiring ofx0Dx0Amercenaries. x0Dx0Ax0Dx0A

  • R-Eco

    You are garbage collectors whose task is to place recycled goods in their proper waste disposal facility. But you have to watch how much garbage you carry or you will overload your truck and then have to dump the excess materials illegally – not a go


  • Shadow Hunters

    In Tales of the Arabian Nights, you are the hero or heroine in a story of adventure and wonder just like those told by Scheherazade to her spellbound sultan! You will travel the land seeking your own destiny and fortune. You will learn stories and ga

  • Wasabi! (Sushi)

    Designed by Yasutaka Ikedax0Dx0Ax0Dx0AIdentify!x0Dx0AYou are a Shadow, a creature of the night, or a Hunter, a human whose job is to destroy supernatural creatures, or a civilian, a normal human just caught in the middle of this ancient battle.