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    From The Publisher:x0Dx0ATali-Ihantala 1944:x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AJune 1944 marked the beginning of one of the greatest battles on Scandinavian soil, Tali-Ihantala. Stalin gave the order to finish up with finland in order to concentrate on Operation Bagration that had just begun. Subsequently, Soviet forces had to first batter the fortified VKT-line then quickly break through toward the north.x0Dx0AAt the beginnig, with the help of the 30th Guards Army, the soviet advance was slow but steady until they formed a salient near Ihantala. Attrition was great in both camps, but tha arrival of the Finnish armoured division coupled with a particularly effective artillery fire changed the stuation and the following counter-attack led to the pushing back of the Soviets.x0Dx0AFinally, the Finnish forces succeeded with their last reserves and the German aviation to stabilize the lines. Stalin canceled the offensive and negotiated with the Finish authorities to obtain yhe reversal of thid former ally against the Germans.