• Killer Bunnies and the Journey to Jupiter

    Available as an e-book on e23!x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AWritten by Phil Masters Edited by Sean Punchx0Dx0Ax0Dx0A272 pages. Hardcover.x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AFantasy settings are defined by their magic . . . so different worlds need different magic systems. GURPS Thaumatology has GURPS Fourth Edition updates of the best Third Edition magic variants, plus many all-new options.

  • Unspeakable Words Deluxe Edition

    The Call of Cthulhu Word Game by James Ernest and Mike Selinkerx0A x0Ax0ADeep in the corners of letters, the Hounds of Tindalos wait for the unsuspecting in Unspeakable Words?, a devious word game that will eat at your sanity!x0Ax0A x0Ax0AUse your hand of cards

  • The Hobbit: The Defeat Of Smaug

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0AIn The Hobbit, embark on a great adventure based on J.R.R. Tolkien’s legendary novel, The Hobbit. Try to safely navigate your way to the Lonely Mountain and reclaim all the treasure that the evil dragon Smaug is hiding – but bere as the treasure is fiercely guarded and must be won in battle! Will you trade your jewels for adventure points? Can you successfully answer the riddles or recite the songs? Do you have the courage to steal a jewel right from under Smaug’s nose?x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AOn this adventure you’ll travel through the Edge of the Wild, the Misty Mountains, the Carrock, Mirkwood, Long Lake, and finally confront the Desolation of Smaug. Each terrain will yield magical encounters and valuable treasure. All your wit, luck and skill will be tested. Are you up to the challenge to be crowned King Under the Mountain?

  • Little Italy

    by Reinzer Kniziax0Ax0ATravel back to New York’s golden age of gangsters, where you get to take on the role of crime boss in 1950’s. Make your rounds about town as you pick up money from different buildings, but watch out for the “heat”! Each crisha

  • Lord Of The Rings: The Battle For Middle Earth

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0AThe players battle on the side of Aragorn, Gandalf, Gimli, Legolas, and other companions against the foes of Mordor.x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AThree enemy cards always lie on the table in The Lord of the Rings: The Battle for Middle-earth Card Game. Each enemy card shows a combination of one (e.g. Orc patrol) to four (e.g. Balrog) symbols, with six different symbols total in the game: sword, axe, spear, bow, fist, and shield. In order to beat the enemies, the players collect groups of companion cards (which also show symbols) in front of them. Once the symbols of a group match one or more enemy cards, the player can send this group to battle to win enemy cards. The group is then discarded.

  • Reinzer Knizia’s Poison

    The mad doctor has cooked up something evil in Reiner Knizia’s Poison, a clever strategy card game. Players choose a potion card from their hand to add to one of three colored cauldrons, being careful not to let the pot go over a total value of 13. x0Ax0ATh

  • Cosmic Cows

    It’s time for the Annual Extraterrestrial Cow-Pulling Contest, and aliens from all over the galaxy have come to watch the event! Go head to head with your cross-cosmos rival to see who can abduct three Cosmic Cows first! x0Ax0A x0Ax0AThe number combinations

  • Herding Cats

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0AWho let the cats out? In Herding Cats, these frisky felines have a mind of their own, and only the Cowdog can wrangle them back up again.x0Dx0Ax0Dx0ACats are lassoed by a Cowdog of a matching color, and you want to be the player to capture a herd of three cats. Beware of the “Stampede!” card that will send the cats running to score points for other players, and look out for the Wild Cat Lady, who may be able to help you out, if you’re in a pinch.

  • Gopher It!

    The Stockpiling Game of Pushing the Limits! x0Ax0Ax0Ax0Ax0Ax0AEach player is gathering a stock for the wintertimeThe goal is to collect exactly six apples or exactly six carrots or exactly six nuts and to place them face up for safe storage. Each player who doe

  • Chekov

    In this clever (and delectable!) family card game designed by Reiner Knizia, players attempt to sort different varieties of donuts to form a Baker’s Dozen. But don’t let the total value go over 13! If you do, you’ll have to take all of the donut cards from the pile — even the moldy, yucky ones!


  • M is for Mouse

    The Game of Starting Sounds! x0Ax0AM is for Mouse? is the letter-learning game that’s fun for everyone! A is for Apple, and B is for Banana! Each object forms a match with its first letter, and players must try to quickly find all of the pairs they c.