• 1846: The Race For The Midwest

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0AIn 1846, 3-5 tycoons compete to earn money and build the best stock portfolio by investing in and operating railroads within the midwestern United States.x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AFive competing railroads, in search of Midwestern grain and markets, cr

  • 1914: Serbian Muss Sterbian

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0A1914, Serbien mu sterbien, The Initial Campaigns on the Balkan Front in WWI realistically covers the battles fought in and around Serbia during the first year of World War One.x0Dx0Ax0Dx0A1914, Serbien mu sterbien (an Austro-Hungariajingle that translates to erbia must die is a comprehensively researched model that explores the intriguing set of campaigns fought in Serbia in 1914. The game includes an accurate order of battle and detailed game map. The map encompasses the imary theater of war from Peterwardein in the north, Sarajevo in the west, to Ni in the south-east.

  • 1960: The Making of the President

    “Sometimes the history of a nation can be defined by the relationship between two individuals. The Election of 1960 is the story of two men, John F. Kennedy and Richard M. Nixon. One is the scion of a wealthy, politically powerful family from New England. The other is the son of a Quaker grocer in Whittier, California. While they belong to opposing political parties, they start out as friends. The complex development of that friendship, however, would shape a pivotal presidential election and cast a long shadow over American history for the remainder of the 20th century.x0Dx0A

  • A World At War Box Set

    A World At War is based on the award-winning Advanced Third Reich/Empire of the Rising Sun gaming system. A World At War is a grand strategy game that lets the players find out for themselves what might have happened if: x0Ax0AGermany had tried to execut

  • Alexander Module: Diadochoi

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0ADiadochoi covers the four major battles that took place during the early Diadochoi wars at the end of the 4th Century BC as Alexander the Greats marshals jostled and fought for position and control of his vast empire. Each of the diadochoi the so-called successors sought to expand upon and improve the Macedonian system of warfare so brilliantly used by Alexander. Ultimately all they succeeded in doing was to rigidly formalize its elements adding only hordes of elephants the ultimate expression of which was the massive battle of Ipsus the largest known elephant battle in history.

  • American Revolution: Guilford, Saratoga, and Brandywine

    In order to get several of the popular AmRev series games back in print, we are offering an American Revolution Tri-Pack. This all-in-one boxed package is composed of new editions of the flagship game in the series -Saratoga, the long-out-of-print Br

  • Arquebus: Men Of Iron

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0ASimple Great Battles of History (Simple GBoH) allows gamers to recreate the significant battles of the ancient Western world covered by GMT’s Great Battles of History (GBoH) Series. Simple GBoH is designed for players who want a faster, less die-roll-heavy version of the GBoH system, while retaining as much of the historical flavor and insight of the original rules. These rules and its companion playbook cover all the battles published in Deluxe Great Battles of Alexander, SPQR, Caesar: The Civil Wars, Caesar: Conquest of Gaul, Cataphract, and all their related modules. The battles presented in C3i are published in the Simple GBoH Battle Manual.

  • At Any Cost: Metz 1870

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0AOn the morning of August 16th, 1870 at the Gravelotte crossroads outside the fortress of Metz, Napoleon III, Emperor of the French Second Empire, turned over command of the Army of the Rhine to a reluctant Marshal Francois Achill

  • Battles of the Warrior Queen