• Zombicide: Special Guest Eduard Guiton

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0APaolo Parente (born 1965, Italy) is an illustrator and concept artist who spends most of his time locked away in his factory-monastery in Shenzhen, China. Paolo produces toys, games, and comic books for his own universe, DUST (a

  • Zombicide: Special Guest John Kovalic

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0AJOHN KOVALIC has been writing and drawing in the gaming industry professionally for 20 years, now. John is best known for the comic strip DORK TOWER, and games like APPLES TO APPLES and MUNCHKIN. His latest project include games such as ROFL! and DOUBLE FEATURE (Cryptozoic). When not writing or drawing, John spending every minute possible with his wife and daughter. You can find out more about John by visiting www.dorktower.com, or plying him with craft beer.

  • Zombicide: Special Guest Lucio Parrillo

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0ALucio Parrillo has worked for the most reputable companies in the comics and games industry over the last 15 years. His pencil illustrations for the American publisher QP are featured in ampire Girls oven 2 and Temptation He painted numerous covers, interior art, and character design for a great number of video games and role playing games such as orgotten Realms berron agic and ecatomb x0Dx0AHe illustrated dozens of cards seen in Gathering and arcraft and executed interior illustrations for ungeons & Dragons and a number of comic books for agic the Gathering (Jace vs Chandra). Lucio has worked for many European and American publishers in Germany, France, Itaden, and USA. His work in the comics industry includes: The Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, The Hulk, Dead Pool, Death Head, The Siege, Thor, What if?, and many others.

  • Zombicide: Special Guest Miguel Coimbra

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0AMiguel Coimbra is a freelance artist, currently living near Lyon, France. Self-taught, Miguel has worked in the industry for 10 years, first as a graphic designer, then as a video game concept artist. Now he works full-time as a freelance artist, designing custom concepts and artwork for role playing games, trading card games, graphic novels, book covers, and video games.x0Dx0AMiguel various clients include: Upperdeck/Blizzard, Wizards of the Coast, Sony, Lucasart, Games Workhop, Rackham, Alderac, Green Ronin, Triking Games, White Wolf, Univer Poche, Bragelonne, Mango, and Flammarion. This includes such top-selling licenses as: World of Warcraft, Star Wars, Everquest, Dungeons and Dragons, Vampire: The Masquerade, Warhammer, and Legend of the Five Rings.

  • Zombicide: Special Guest Paolo Parente

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0APaolo Parente (born 1965, Italy) is an illustrator and concept artist who spends most of his time locked away in his factory-monastery in Shenzhen, China. Paolo produces toys, games, and comic books for his own universe, DUST (a super science WW2 setting).x0Dx0APaolo is best known for his work with WoTC for Magic the Gathering and numerous other game and comic book properties. Lately he done concept design for upcoming films with HK director Tzui Ark and French director Chrisophe Gans.

  • Zombicide: Toxic City Mall

    From The Publisher:x0Dx0ASurvivors must accomplish specific goals while constantly battling zombies and gaining new skills in the process. Be careful, however: the Danger Level rises with your experience, and the more zombies you kill, the more zombies c

  • Zombicide: Toxic City Mall Tile Pack

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0AThis expansion set includes 2 sets of three different dogs. Their accompanying cards are placed in the equipment deck, and when found, the holder of the card becomes that dog’s handler. Actions can be spent to command the dog to move, search, and attack. Dogs give their handler extra melee dice when in the same zone.

  • Zombicide: Toxic Crowd Set #2

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0AThis box includes 24 toxic zombies and 6 additional spawn cards to include them into any Zombicide base game.x0Dx0ASculpts of the zombies are from the Zombicde: Toxic City Mall, although three exclusive sculpts are included.x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AZombie sculpt breakdownx0Dx0A15 Toxic Walkers (5 of a mix of 2 Box of Zombies only sculpts)x0Dx0A6 Toxic Runnersx0Dx0A3 Toxic Fatties (2 of the Box of Zombies only sculpt)x0Dx0Ax0Dx0AThe Spawn cards come with a higher density of Toxic zombies than Toxic City Mall’s deck.

  • Zombicide: Ultimate Survivors #1

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0AThe world evolved, and so did we. We learned in a couple months what a soldier might need years to learn. The lives we had, the people we were, are all gone, and we have accepted that. We are survivors, and we are here to bring the future.x0Dx0Ax0Dx0ASometimes, you don want your favorite Survivor story to end. You want to see him live through countless adventures and evolve in the Zombicide world! The Experience mode allows you to write your own epic story using Experience car that enhance your Survivors and stay with them from one Zombicide Mission to the next! Will your survivors emerge from the zombie apocalypse as true heroes? The answer is yours!

  • Zombicide: VIP Set # 2 Very Infected People

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0ABeing scavengers, crows ate things they should have avoided and turned infected too, like zombies. These murders of crows are really nasty small flying pests, so small they can enter everywhere, so fast they e on you in secondsand quickly rip you apart.

  • Zombicide: Wulfsburg

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0AThe opening days of the zombie war saw the kingdom shattered. The strongest and smartest among us survived through mass Zombicide. We had no idea just how far the invasion had spread until we learned the King’s forces were scatte

  • Zombicide: Zombie Dogz Set #5

    From the Publisher:x0Dx0AThis box of Zombie Dogz includes 20 miniatures and the cards to add to the zombie deck of any existing Zombicide base game.x0Dx0AZombie dogs are extremely fast and dangerous, getting three activations per turn.