HeroClix Supernova Pre-release Tournament

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  • HeroClix: Pre-painted comic book figures whose bases contain their statistics and powers
  • Pre-release Tournament: A sealed booster format event that takes place before the set of figures is released to stores. Prizes include Unique purple-based characters and new maps.

Every few months, the superhero strategy game HeroClix sees the release of a new collection of figures. This time is was Marvel’s turn, with the set, titled “Supernova” focussing on the interstellar conflicts that often occur in Marvel Comics. This particular tournament saw the unveiling of the new ‘space’ map, with accompanying special rules. Two nearly identical teams, each fronted by the mad Titan Thanos ascending to the ultimate contest of power! The Champion of this event was Leo Cheng, of Richmond. Overall, thirty-eight players duked it out for galactic supremacy, with all of them walking away with either a ‘purple-ringed’ unique figure, a free Supernova booster, a complete Giants or Invincible Collector’s Set, or even specially modified and painted figures crafted by Don (aka donveersingh)