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Francis Munroe
Left in a haunted forest by uncaring foster parents, this history buff eventually began to recreate the greatest war stories ever told, using nothing more than plastecine, twigs and poisonous berries. To this day, he will argue that his 'toss a rock at it' combat resolution system is more historically accurate than any of those mainstream products he carries...
Raised on a healthy regiment of boardgames, miniature games and various other hobbies, this young one searches for the ultimate gaming experience. Armed with his dice set, miniatures and a thirst for new games. He roams the lands in search of the next great gaming challenge.
Living in a house made entirely out of Magic The Gathering Cards, She emerges from her grotto to grace us with her wisdom and knowledge of the ever popular, ever growing card game. With her quick wit and endless mana taps, she bewilders the crowd with her deadly combos and never ending stasis deck. What super rare cards will she use next? Only time and new expansions will tell!
If he hadn't already been created then he would have built himself from pieces of plastic and a whole lot of glue! Rising from the ashes of a destroyed model factory. This composite of various different sprues and photo etch was given a purpose, to teach the world about the different techniques of model making. Armed with a thirst for building and endless supply of paint. Alexander is ready for any hobby challenge that comes his way.

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