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Product Image - Art of War

Art of War

Sabertooth Games

The Art of War: The Chinese approach to warfare 2205 BCE  280 CE is a source book for Warhammer Ancient Battles.

China has the longest ...

Price: $36.95

Product Code: SGH019

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Product Image - English Civil War

English Civil War

Sabertooth Games

In England 1642, the land is torn by internal conflict. All men must rally to the banner of the righteous.

Will you be for King, Covenant ...

Price: $48.00

Product Code: WECW1

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Product Image - Legends of the High Seas

Legends of the High Seas

Sabertooth Games

Hoist the Jolly Roger! - prepare to repel boarders!

Legends of the High Seas is a tabletop miniatures game set in the Golden age of Piracy ...

Price: $41.95

Product Code: SGH030

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Product Image - Warhammer Ancient Battles

Warhammer Ancient Battles

Sabertooth Games

Rules for playing wargames set in the ancient world, utilising armies of model warriors, terrain and dice.

Complete rules for fighting tabletop battles

Eight different wargames ...

Price: $0.00

Product Code: SGH016

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Product Image - WFRP: Realm of the Ice Queen

WFRP: Realm of the Ice Queen

Sabertooth Games

Behold the Lands of Ice and Snow!

Caught between the sprawling Empire to the south and the maddening wastes of Chaos is Kislev, Realm of the ...

Price: $35.95

Product Code: 83028

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Product Image - WFRP: Sigmar's Heirs: Empire's Guide

WFRP: Sigmar's Heirs: Empire's Guide

Sabertooth Games

Sigmar's Heir's is the complete background for adventures set within the Empire, containing extensive information on history, geography, religon, politics and justice. There are also ...

Price: $33.95

Product Code: 83008

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