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Bugs & Co.

Bugs & Co.

Company: Asmodee
Product Code: BUG01

Price: $16.95 |

From the Publisher:

Capture sets of wacky monsters in this fast-paced, frenetic free-for-all!

In Bugs & Co, the hunt is on for the families of crazy little critters hiding right in front of you. Grab as fast as you can, searching high and low for matching monsters. Everyone plays at the same time, and the non-stop action gets wild as you desperately search for just the right beasties! Can you find the matches and grab the trophies before everyone else, or will your mismatched menagerie let you down?

Once the tiles are shuffled, it every man for himself as you flip over the discs and look for the monsters you need. Keep as many as you want, but any that don finish a set will wind up costing you! Try to remember where the critts are hiding and try to remember what you already have. Move the tiles around as much as you want, but hurry only the fastest players get the best trophies, and in the end, the most complete sets will win you the game!

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