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Guderian's War: The German Advance on Moscow, 1941

Guderian's War: The German Advance on Moscow, 1941

Company: One Small Step
Product Code: 21706

Price: $87.95 |

From the publisher:

Guderian's War: The German Advance on Moscow, 1941 is a two-player, low-to-intermediate complexity, strategic simulation (with operational undertones) of the German drive on Moscow during Operation Barbarossa, a crucial part of their attempt to overrun the western Soviet Union in 1941. The German player is mainly on the offensive, attempting to win by seizing key areas on map faster than was done historically. The Soviet player is primarily on the defensive, but the situation also requires he prosecute almost continuous counteroffensives throughout the game.

Game play encompasses the period that began with the Germans launching their invasion on 22 June and ends on 1 September of the same year. The main thrust of the design is to test Guderian's oft-repeated claim he could've led Army Group Center into Moscow during that time, had he only been allowed by Hitler to run a true blitzkrieg.

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