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ASL Comp: Panther Line

ASL Comp: Panther Line

Company: Critical Hit -CHI-
Product Code: ASLPL

Price: $59.95 |

LA FIERE, NORMANDY, 6 June 1944: Following their successful drop, intact and in almost perfect order, Able Company of the 505th P.I.R. moved speedily to their D-Day objective: the Merderet bridge at La Fiere. The large manor house adjacent to the river bridge had been occupied earlier that night by a detachment of the 1057th Grenadier Regiment of the 91st Division: 28 men in all. First to draw fire from the vicinity of the manoir was Lieutenant Presnell of 1st Platoon. His team was followed soon after by the remainder of Able Company, and later by a succession of groups including elements of all the scattered parachute regiments of the 82nd Airborne Division. Each in turn advanced to contact and made their uncoordinated moves against the manoir, quite unaware of the presence of numerous friendly forces. The German resistance was finally worn down, the outpost soon surrendering to a band of 82nd paratroopers who promptly moved on to Cauquigny. As fire slackened about the manoir, Able Co

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